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Mobidays is a leading global mobile marketing company which connects and mediates domestic and international advertisers, advertising agencies, general media rep. with major mobile mediums. Mobiday’s foremost value lies in giving the best advertising efficiency to advertisers and the most profit to mobile mediums.
In order to achieve this goal, Mobidays has access to the information of most mobile mediums (mobile applications, facebook pages, major mobile websites, and other mobile advertising media) and studies the characteristics of each medium (MAU, DAU, age group, optimal advertising area etc) in order to provide the best advertising package for the advertisers’ needs. If there isn’t a single medium or advertising package that specifically meets the advertisers’ needs, Mobidays discovers or creates suitable mediums to satisfy those needs.
Moreover, Mobidays is doing business with around 100 advertising agencies, Ad Network, SSP, DSP, Ad Exchange etc from over 20 countries in order to act as a forefront window which connects domestic mobile markets with the world. It also founded and operates a Mobile Advertisement Research Institute which aims to provide the latest information as well as opinions from domestic mobile markets.

Mobidays takes pride in its love towards mobile advertisements and can proudly and
confidently say that it is the best in terms of mobile advertisements and will help you build a successful business.


Company History of Mobidays


Selected as Hi-Seoul Brand Company
Certified by Innobiz in technological innovation area


Hosted Max Summit 2017, an international mobile conference at Seoul
Selected as Seoul-style Strong Company by Seoul city


Certified as Google Premium partner


Appointed as alternative service research lab by the government


Hosted Max Summit 2016, an international mobile conference at Seoul


Established a strategic partnership with AppApe


Selected as Google Korea Mobile Guru Partner


Patent on mobile advertising
(In-app searching method and system)


Founded an annex research lab


Hosted Max Summit 2015, an international mobile conference at Seoul


Established a strategic partnership with Kochava


Launched MobiX, a mobile ad platform of Mobidays


Selected as an official agency of Kakao


Selected as a Top 100 Korean startup companies by Demoday


Selected as an ad production partner of Korea Press Foundation
Certified as a venture business in Korea (30,000th venture in Korea)


Selected as a specialized angel investment winner by the Small and Medium Business Administration


Founded (14.06.05)

TEAMMobiGeeksMobi Geeks, unrivaled experts in advertising

Bumryung Yoo CEO
Create Valuable Surprise!

We should consider and live up to the followings :
Our business and actions should be 'valuable' to someone or the industry.
The business and actions should surprise people and the market.

As every member continusly agonize for 'value' and 'surprise' in the work we do, we will be able to form a consensus and earn the wisdom to distinguish the works that have such values.

Eventually, we want Mobidays to give 'valuable surprise' to the world

Beyond Marketing

  • Gwangsoo Yi
  • Sunkyu Lee
  • Byoungjun Roh
  • Yumi Park
  • Hyunho Cho

Operation & Partnership

  • Soomin Kim
  • Jungwan Bae
  • Seunghwan Seo
  • Nara Lee
  • Eunbit Cho
  • Heehye Ju
  • Dooyoung Kim
  • Gi Eum
  • Sujin Lee
  • Minjeong Cho
  • Chaeryung Lee
  • Heekyoung Park
  • Seungsoon Choi
  • Hyeyeon Kim
  • Siwoo Seoung
  • Olivia Jeon
  • Junbeom Sim

Mobi COnnect

  • Sookyeon Moon
  • Hyeil Shin

Business Development

  • Sangwoo Ahn
  • Simmyong Youk

Creative Lab

  • Won Lim
  • Hyejin Kim
  • Eunbyul Park
  • Minkyu Kim
  • Jihyeung Kang

Planning & Analysis

  • Seungje Lee
  • Taeho Yoon
  • Jichan Yoo
  • Sodam Park

Research & Developement

  • Jihyuk Kim
  • Donguk Kim
  • Yoonmi Kim
  • Hyeyoung Park
  • Seongjune Kim

Mobi Contents

  • Sangyong Shim
  • Yukyung Na
  • Yeji Jeong
  • Hyunji Kim

Finance & HR

  • Saemee An
  • Kyungoh Park
  • Sangphil Park

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