Marketing Solutions
Multi Channel Performance

Mobidays owns and utilizes solutions to plan marketing strategy, execute campaigns,
optimize and analyze campaigns, maximize publisher revenue, and manage global traffic


  • Data Driven Optimization

    User segmentation and
    media selection based on
    campaign data

  • Real Time Tracking

    Traffic optimization through real
    time tracking and data anlaysis

  • Programmatic Buying
    & RTB

    Programmatic media buying
    through adserver and RTB

  • Market Data Analysis

    Marketing strategy based on
    application, market, and
    competitor data analysis

All in ONE platform

MobiONE is a SSP with medaition function developed by advertising experts to simplify and leverage publisher's monetization

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Primium Native Ad Platform

MobiX is a native ad platform for the top 1% premium apps


  • MobiConnect

    Mobile affiliate network
    connecting global ad traffic

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  • Mobintouch

    Global professional
    network for the mobile
    advertising industry

  • MobiTrack

    Mobile advertising attribution
    and analytics tool essential
    for performance marketing

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  • MobiTem

    MobiTem, a value-driven
    marketing platform, allows
    you to use your in-app
    values in advertising

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  • AppApe

    App and market analytics
    for the mobile industry



Kochava / Appsflyer / TUNE / Adbrix / Trophit


We support sales of innovative
state-of-the-art solutions

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